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Aetna Inc.
151 Farmington Avenue
Hartford , CT   06156   USA
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Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
HIP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
HIP: Fee-For-Service (FFS)
HIP: Heatlh Savings Account (HSA - CDHP)
HIP: Medicare Advantage Plan
HIP: Point-of-Service (POS)
HIP: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
HIP: Individual Market
Stock Ticker:
Company Description:
Aetna is one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving approximately 35.9 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. Aetna offers a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans, and medical management capabilities. Our customers include employer groups, individuals, college students, part-time and hourly workers, health plans and government-sponsored plans.
Company Ownership:

Aetna Company Names “Aetna” is the brand name for products and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of subsidiary companies.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Cynthia Michener
[Assistant Vice President, Corporate Public Relations]
Jill Griffiths
[Vice President, Business Communications]
Fred Laberge
[Assistant Vice President of Corporate Relations]
Stephanie Ancillai
[Media Relations Manager]
Tammy Arnold
[Media Manager]
Kathleen Biesecker
[Director of Communications]
Trasee Carr
[Communications Director]
Walt Chernaik
Samantha Coppola
[Project Coordinator]
Deborah Hoyt
[Director, Public Relations & Responsibility]
Rohan Hutchings
[Senior Communications And Public Relations Executive]
Kathy Hyde
[Communications Director]
Vicky Lee
[Media Contact]
Kate Prout
[Media Relations Manager]
Scot Roskelley
[Communications Director - North Central Region]
Sherry Sanderford
[Communications Director]
Ethan Slavin
[Director, Public Relations]
Sheridan Watson
[Media Contact]
Katherine Lee Balsamo
Sara Capozzi
[Media Re]
T.J. Crawford
[Media Contact]
Christine Erb
[Media Relation Manager]
Caryn Marshall
[Media Contact]
Susan Millerick
[Media Relations Manager]
Linda Hanson
Investor Relations Contact(s)
Thomas F. Cowhey
[Vice President - Investor Relations]
David Entrekin
[Vice President, Investor Relations]

Company Officials:
Jeff Cook
[CEO - Texas Health Aetna]
Daniel Finke
[Chief Executive Officer, Accountable Care Solutions]
Pamela Sedmak
[Chief Executive Officer of Aetna Medicaid]
Ronald A. Williams
John W. Rowe MD
[Executive Chairman]
Roger N. Farah
[Board Member]
Ronald A. Williams
[Board Director (Since 2002)]
Beth Andersen
[President, West Region]
Tracy Baker
[President of Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee Regions]
Keith Barnes
[President - Kansas and Missouri Markets]
Bill Berenson
[Market President]
Mark T. Bertolini
[Chief Executive Officer and President]
Jim Bostian
[President of Operations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee]
Christopher Ciano
[President of the Florida Region]
Brad Clothier
[President for Kansas and Missouri Operations]
Tom Dameron
[President of Aetna's Mountain States]
Emily Defrances
[Communications Business Partner]
Richard di Benedetto
[President of Aetna International]
R. Blaine Faulkner
[President, First Health/Cofinity]
Thomas Grote
[President - Maryland, Virgina and DC Market]
Peg Haennicke
[Head of Aetna Disability and Absence Management Services]
Tom Kelly
[Head of Aetna Medicaid]
Jay Krueger
[Head of Strategic Planning And Geographic Development]
Jay W. Krueger
[Head of Strategic Planning and Geographic Development]
Rich Lee
[President for Southern California]
Dale Mackel
[President of Nebraska Operations]
Angie Meoli
[President of Operations in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi]
Mike Nelson
[Market President of South Texas]
Felicia F. Norwood
[Mid America Region President]
Sandip Patel
[Head of International Business]
Susan M. Peters
[President, Aetna Government Health Plans]
Mark Reynolds
[Local President for Northern California]
Karen S. Rohan
Mark Santos
[President, New England Market]
Mark Schmidt
Thomas W. Watson
[General Manager - Consumer Business Division]
John J. Webb
[Head of Business Alliances]
Henry Wei
[Presidential Innovation Fellows Program]
Frank Cobbin
[Senior Vice President of Service Operations]
Shelly Ferensic
[Vice President Operations]
Grace Figueredo
[Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer]
Kristie Foust
[Director of Operations]
Rob Galle
[Chief Operating Officer, Aetna Pharmacy Management]
Beth Himes
[Regional Manager]
Thomas Jones III
[Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer]
John Loxterman
[Chief Compliance Officer]
Elizabeth Vetter
[Vice President]
Rachel Xu Vorobyev
[Head Of Local Market Improvement And Targeted Growth Markets]
Gina Conflitti
[Medical Director]
William Gillis PsyD
[Head of Behavioral Health Program Design and Product Support]
Anne Kaeser
[Senior Medical Director]
Ira Klein MD, MBA, FACP
[Senior Medical Director]
Monte Masten MD, MBA, MPH
[Senior Medical Director, Clinical Transformation]
Robert S. Mirsky MD
[Vice President, Medical Operations and Chief Medical Officer, Medicare]
Harold Paz M.D., M.S.
[Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]
Saquib Rahim MD, MBA
[Chief Medical Officer - Aetna Digital]
Mark Rubino
[Chief Pharmacy Officer]
Henry Weil
[Senior Medical Director]
Alonzo White MD, MBA, FCCP, CPE
[Chief Medical Officer]
Joseph Agostini MD
[Medical Director]
Joanne Armstrong MD
[Senior Medical Director, Aetna Health Care Management]
Andrew Baskin MD
[National Medical Director - Quality & Provider Performance Measurement]
Kyra Bobinet MD, MPH
[Former Medical Director of Health and Wellness Innovation]
Dexter Campinha-Bacote MD
[Medical Director for the North Central Region]
Gabriela Cora MD
[Medical Director - Behavioral Health]
Joseph Dougherty
[Medical Director Northeast Region]
Ren Elder
[Head of Pharmacy]
Richard Fornadel
[Medical Director]
William Fried MD
[Medical Director, Mid-Atlantic Region]
Mark Friedlander MD, MBA
[Chief Medical Officer of Aetna Behavioral Health]
Jim Giardina
[Medicare Rx Account Manager]
Terry Golash
[Senior Medical Director]
L'Tonya Horace
[Clinical Pharmacy Director]
Thomas Howe MD
[Aetna Medical Director, Northern New Jersey]
Leah Jacobson MD
[Senior Medical Director]
Susan Kosman RN, BSN, MS
[Chief Nursing Officer]
Randall S. Krakauer MD, FACP, FACR
[National Medical Director, Retiree Markets]
James Krominga
[Senior Medical Director, Southwest Market]
Mark Libertin
[Medical Director, National Medical Policy]
Anand Nilakantan DO, MBA
[Medical Director - Aetna Mid-America Region]
Andrew Picken
[Medical Director - Medical Policy Operations]
Jordan Pritzker MD, MBA
[Medical Director]
Elizabeth Raitz-Cowboy
[Medical Director]
Krystal Revai
[Medical Director]
Marjorie Schulman
[Senior Medical Director]
Steven Serra
[Senior Medical Director]
Roomana Sheikh
[Medical Director and Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist]
Maria Sipala
[Head of Clinical and Cancer Quality Initiatives]
Grant Tarbox
[Medical Director]
Jeffrey T. Taylor RPh
[Pharmacy Director]
Harry Travis
[Specialty Pharmacy Director]
Hyong Un MD
[National Medical Director]
Mitzi Wasik PharmD, BCPS
[Lead Business Strategy Consultant]
Karyn Wills MD
[Medical Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region]
Scott Wolf
[Northeast Region Medical Director]
Yi Zheng PharmD, MBA
[Chief Pharmacy Officer]
John J. Bermel
[Vice President and Chief Financial Officer]
David Buda
Christopher Campbell
[CFO - Small Group & Individual]
Shawn M. Guertin
[Executive Vice President and CFO]
Jin Oak Ha MBA
[Chief Financial Officer]
Rodney Kunkel
[Head Actuary, Medicare Advantage]
Rajan Parmeswar
[Controller And Chief Accounting Officer]
Alfred Quirk
Joseph C. Black
[Chief Procurement Officer]
Dan Conroy
[Head of Business Development - CarePass Platform]
Gavin Dean
[Head of Strategy - Direct To Consumer Businesses]
Robin Downey
[Vice President and Head of Product Development]
Molly Goins-Cox
[Head of Individual Consumer Experience]
Sarah Stephens-Winnay
[Product Head - Patient Engagement]
Michael Bucci
[Market Head, Public & Labor Sector]
David Edelman
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Robert Egan MBA
[Head of Marketing - Accountable Care Solutions]
Shelley Faber
[Head of Marketing Strategy - Retail and Affinity Groups]
Tom Mafale
[Head of National Accounts Sales Operations]
Jonathan Mayhew
[President, Individual Business and Head of Individual and Public Exchanges]
Meg McCabe
[Head of Marketing and Engagement Strategy]
Cory Scott
[Market Head of Sales & Service]
Jill Serin
[Head of Middle Market]
Philip Vecchiolli
[Head of Sales - Pharmacy]
Charles H. Klippel
[Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel - Health]
Frank McCauley
[Senior Vice President of Local Employers & Consumers]
Andrew Allocco
[Senior Vice President - Network and Provider Services]
Eileen O. Auen
[Head of Health Care Delivery, Medical Management, and Geographic Development]
Michael Avotins
[VP - National Business and Provider Operations]
Elizabeth Curran
[National Network Strategy Director]
Mohamed Diab
[Vice President - Provider Transformation]
Jay Eisenstock
[Head - Provider eSolutions]
Shawn Forrester
[Network Head for Southern California]
Susan Graves
[Director of National Provider Network]
Erin Hatzikostas
[Director, Network Services, National Accounts]
Kimberly Marshall
[Executive Director - Head of Provider Call Centers]
Julie May
[Vice President, Medicare Provider Network Strategy & Operations]
Kathe Fox
[Head of Informatics]
Dan Greden
[Head, eHealth Product Management]
Meg McCarthy
[Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer]
James Routh
[Chief Information Security Officer]
Tom Young
[Chief Privacy Officer]
Raymond Arroyo
[Chief Diversity Officer]
Karen Barton
[Clinical Program Consultant]
Jaymie Billbrough
[Head - Medicare Compliance]
Dale Cook
[Head - Small Business Group]
Jean LaTorre
[Chief Investment Officer and Chief Enterprise Risk Officer]
Maureen MacCoy RN, MBA
[Head - Medicare Care Management Operations]
Lorie Ogbar
[Chief of Staff, Human Resources]
Janet M. Stallmeyer MSN, RN
[Senior Vice President, Central Region - Aetna Medicaid]
Cynthia Michener
[Assistant Vice President, Corporate Public Relations]
Michael D. Bahr
[Senior Vice President]
Mary Claire Bonner
[SVP, Small and Middle Market Business]
Sheryl Burke
[Senior Vice President of Specialty Businesses]
Robert Butler
[President PayFlex, Head of Aetna Consumer Financial Solutions]
Stephen Carrier
[SVP, Strategy and Operations, Aetna Accountable Care Solutions]
Wei-tih Cheng
[Senior Vice President and CIO]
Paul Coppola
[Head of Wellness Program Strategy and Development]
Eric Cormier
[General Manager, Retiree Markets, East Region]
Gary Culp
[West Region General Manager For Aetna's Consumer Segment]
Robert Downs
[Senior Vice President Provider Relationships and Network]
Edward Steven Doyle
[Senior Vice President of Emerging Businesses and Strategic Initiatives]
Deanna Fidler
[Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources]
Cynthia Follmer
[Region Head, Medicare]
James K. Foreman
[Former EVP and Head of National Businesses]
Dudley Gerow
[National Executive Director, General Manager and Coach]
Janet Grant
[Head - Great Plains Region at Aetna Medicaid]
Ana Gupte
[Managing Director]
Colby Jackson
[Account Executive]
Rick Jelinek
[Executive Vice President]
Candida Krebs
[Senior Business Consultant]
Retired Brigadier General Michael J. Kussman MD
[Military Health Care Advisory Committee Member]
Belinda Lang
[Head of Brand and Consumer Marketing]
Dijuana K. Lewis
[Executive Vice President for Consumer Products and Enterprise Marketing Organization]
Gary Loveman Ph.D.
[EVP and President of Consumer Health and Services]
Jennifer McDonald
[Senior Clinical Pharmacy Director]
Louise Murphy
[President, Aetna Behavioral Health]
Kathy Paro
[Executive Director - Accountable Care Solutions]
David Queller
[President - Southeast Region]
Remy Richman
[Executive Director for Aetna in Southeast and Northeast Pennsylvania]
Thomas Sabatino
[Executive Vice President and General Counsel]
Melissa Slade
[Senior Director of Marketing]
Gretchen Spann
[Pet Insurance Head]
Melissa Welch MD, MPH
[Head of Regional Care Management]
Paul Wingle
[Head of Exchange Strategy and Implementation]
Elease Wright
[SVP and Head of Human Resources]
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