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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)
300 East Randolph St
Chicago , IL   60601-5099   USA
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Company Hierarchy
Parent Company(s)

Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
Company Description:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois traces its roots to the depths of the Great Depression and a group of Chicago business leaders who witnessed how relatively minor illnesses that required a hospital stay were ruining families financially. These business leaders saw terrible hardship in their community and they took action to alleviate it. In 1936, they pooled their own savings and launched a not-for-profit company called Hospital Service Corporation to offer an affordable pre-paid hospital plan, which was a new concept at that time. The Chicago Plan, as it was called, was one the forerunners of what we know as health insurance today. The idea, of course, caught on and Hospital Service Corporation eventually became Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.

Today, we are the largest and most experienced health insurance company in the state, providing more than 6.5 million members with comprehensive and affordable health plans.

Company Ownership:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company,
an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
David Sandor
[Public Relations Director]
Robert Kieckhefer
[Senior Vice President, Public Affairs]
Kathleen Cangemi
[Communications Director]
Lauren Henderson
[Communications Consultant]
Bridget Houlihan
[Director of Communications]
Jack A. Segal

Company Officials:
Raymond F. McCaskey
[President and Chief Executive Officer]
Maurice Smith
Opella Ernest
[Chief Medical Officer]
Derek Robinson
[Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]
Cynthia Alston MD
[Associate Medical Director]
Robert Fucik M.D.
[Medical Director, Policy & Adjudication]
Willard Hams M.D.
[Medical Director - MCNP]
Elif Oker M.D.
[Medical Director]
Marianne Pavach
[Associate Medical Director]
Kim Reed
[Senior Medical Director]
Kenneth Richmond MD
[Medical Director, PPO & Administrative Services]
Jan Roberts MD
[Associate Medical Director]
Sydney Ross-Davis
[Former Medical Director]
Charles Schutz
[Medical Director]
Stephanie Vomvouras MD, MBA
[Medical Director]
Carol Wilhoit MD, MS
[Medical Director - Quality Improvement]
Denise Bujak
[Vice President, Finance]
Dennis Hooker
[VP National and Major Account Sales]
Hugo Tagli
[Senior Vice President - Chief Legal Officer]
Steve Hamman
[Vice President of Network Management]
Donna Levigne
[Senior Director - Professional Provider Networks]
Ray Biondo
[Chief Information Security Officer]
Rick Gutierrez
[Lead Information Security Specialist]
Sam Homer PhD
[Healthcare Technology Strategy & Innovation Executive]
Donell Banyard
[Technical Specialist]
Dana Holmes
[Chief of Staff, Office of the President]
David Sandor
[Public Relations Director]
Gail Koziara Boudreaux
[Executive Vice President, External Operation]
Michelle Chesnut
[Executive Director, Service Delivery Operations]
Dieter Freer
[Divisional Senior Vice President, Local and Consumer Markets]
Robert Kieckhefer
[Senior Vice President, Public Affairs]
Nilima Rajkumar
[Executive Director]
Brian Snell
[Divisional Senior Vice President, Illinois Group Markets]
Austin Waldron
[Divisional Senior Vice President]
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Company News/Coverage:
BCBSIL: New American Heart Association Social Impact Fund to Improve Community Health in Chicago
Doors Opening at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois' First Neighborhood Center
BCBSIL: Improving Whole-Person Wellness
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Announces Key Leadership Changes
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Opening First Neighborhood Center Aimed at Improving the Health of a Chicago Community
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