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Blue Shield of California
50 Beale St
San Francisco , CA   94105-1813   USA
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Company Website:
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Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
HIP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
HIP: Fee-For-Service (FFS)
HIP: Individual Market
HIP: Medicare Advantage Plan
HIP: Specialty - Dental
Company Description:
Blue Shield of California, an independent member of the Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health care company dedicated to providing Californians with access to high quality care at a reasonable price. Founded in 1939, it now has 3.2 million members, 4,300 employees, one of the largest provider networks and more than 20 office locations, providing a wide range of commercial and government products throughout the state. In 2005, the company contributed $30 million to the Blue Shield of California Foundation to fund nonprofit organizations that improve access to quality health care in California.
Company Ownership:
Blue Shield of California is a not-for-profit health care company and an independent member of the Blue Shield Association.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Sean Barry
[Corporate Communications]
Steve Shivinsky
[Vice President - Corporate Communications]
Heather Blanchard
Mia Campitelli
[Corporate Communications]
Michael Johnson
[Director, Public Policy]
Anthony Marek
[Corporate Communications Director]
Erica Perng
[Media Relations Consultant]
Deborah Schwab
[Director, New Product Development]
Molly Weedn
[Senior Manager Corporate Communications]
Matthew Yi
[Senior Director, Corporate Communications]
Elise Anderson
[Media Relations Manager]
Lauren Bartlett
[Senior Manager, Corporate Communications]
Clinton McGue
[Corporate Communications]
Mary Taing
[Corporate Communications Associate]
Lindy Wagner
[Corporate Communications Manager]
Joanne Hanlon
[Media Relations]

Company Officials:
Paul Markovich
[President and Chief Operating Officer]
Hope H. Scott
[Vice President and Chief Risk and Compliance Officer]
K.C. Turan
[Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer]
Eric L. Book MD
[Medical Advisor and former CMO]
Terry Gilliland M.D.
[Senior Vice President and Chief Health Officer]
Stuart H. Levine MD, MHA
[Chief Innovation and Clinical Care Officer]
Meredith Mathews MD
[Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]
Debby Naegle RPh
[Vice President, Medical Operations]
Sandra Aronberg
[Former Statewide Medical Director]
Don Beck
[Regional Medical Director, Medicare Region]
John Hirshleifer MD
[Medical Director of Accountable Care Organizations]
Elmer Jones MD
[Medical Director for Quality, Disease Management and Behavioral Health]
David Ormerod
[Medical Director]
Marc Richmond M.D.
[Regional Medical Director]
Winnie Yang
[Director - Pharmacy Product, Strategy and Analytics]
[Senior Medical Director]
Ed Cymerys
[SVP and Chief Actuary]
Heidi Fields
[Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer]
Heidi Kunz
[EVP and Chief Financial Officer]
Michael Murray
[Chief Financial Officer]
Amy Yao
[Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary]
Lawrence Hilty
[Director of Alliance Management]
Ron Ragland
[Vice President, Group Sales]
Jeff Robertson
[Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer]
Devin Gensch
[Associate General Counsel]
Seth Jacobs Esq.
[Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary]
Sarah Summer
[Senior Counsel]
Meagan Seeley
[Insights Expert]
Juan C. Davila
[Senior Vice President for Network Management]
Eli Espinoza
[Director - Network Compliance]
Jill Harmatz
[Director of Contracting]
Edward Diver
[VP IT Infrastructure & Operations]
Aaron Kaufman
[Chief Technology Officer]
Elinor MacKinnon
[SVP and Chief Information Officer]
Michael G. Mathias
[Executive Vice President of Customer Experience]
Sherry Ryan
[Chief Information Security Officer]
Steve Young
[Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer]
Marianne Jackson
[Senior Vice President for Human Resources]
Kristin Mullany MBA
[Chief Of Staff, Individual Business Unit]
Mary O'Hara
[Chief Human Resources Officer and SVP, Internal Communications]
Sean Barry
[Corporate Communications]
Jeffrey Bailet MD
[Executive Vice President of Health Care Quality and Affordability]
Nitin Bhargava
[Senior Vice President of Employer Markets]
Michael Brandt
[Senior Manager, Special Investigations]
David Fields
[Executive Vice President of Markets]
Mark Gastineau
[SVP Individual, Small Group and Government]
Rob Geyer
[Senior Vice President of Operations]
Chris Gorecki
[Vice President, Corporate Controller]
Mimi Kokoska M.D.
[Senior Vice President of Health Care Quality and Affordability Strategic Partnerships and Innovation]
Kristen Miranda
[Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation]
Arminé Papouchian
[Senior Vice President of Provider Contracting, Relations, Compliance and Analytics]
Michelle Simpson
[Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Service]
Brenda Solorzano
[Chief Program Director & Director, Health Care and Coverage]
Kathy Swenson
[Senior Vice President, Individual, Small Group, & Government Business Unit]
Karen Vigil
[SVP & Chief Executive Officer - Individual, Small Group, & Government Business Unit (ISGBU)]
Todd Walthall
[Vice President of Markets]
Janet Widmann
[Senior Vice President]
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Company News/Coverage:
Blue Shield of California Announces Terry Gilliland, M.D., as Senior Vice President and Chief Health Officer
Q&A: Blue Shield of California’s new Senior Vice President Mimi Kokoska, M.D., reflects on nonprofit health plan’s 2017 ACO Summit
Paul Markovich Elected Chairman of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Board of Directors
Blue Shield of California Announces Denise McKenna as Vice President of Claims
LA Kings and Blue Shield of California Partner with Grades of Green to Launch G.O.A.L.S. Program
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