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L.A. Care Health Plan | LA Care Health Plan
555 W 5th St
20th Fl
Los Angeles , CA   90013   USA
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Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
HIP: Medicaid Health Plan
Company Description:
With more than 750,000 enrolled members, L.A. Care is one of the largest health plans in California, and is the nation’s largest public health plan. L.A. Care is a leader in developing new programs through innovative coalitions and partnerships designed to support public health, the safety net, and health insurance coverage for vulnerable populations.
Company Ownership:
A local public agency and health plan serving residents of Los Angeles County through a variety of programs including Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, and Healthy Kids

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Andrea Van Hook
[Director Marketing and Communications]
Amy Dufour
[Media Relations Specialist]
Penny Griego
[Media Contact]
Amy Gurango
[Media Relations Specialist]
Len Rosenthal
[Marketing Manager]
Hector Andrade
[PR Agency Representative]
Misty de Lamare

Company Officials:
John Baackes
[Chief Executive Officer]
Louise McCarthy
[Vice Chair of the Board of Governors]
Robert Curry
[Member of the Board of Governors]
Dino Kasdagly
[Chief Operating Officer]
Rafael Gonzalez-Amezcua M.D.
[Medical Director]
Susan Leong
[Pharmacy Director]
Marie Montgomery
[Chief Financial Officer]
Tim Reilly
[Chief Financial Officer]
W. Randy Stone
[Former Chief Financial Officer]
Andrea Van Hook
[Director Marketing and Communications]
Jonathan Freedman
[Chief of Strategy, Regulatory and External Affairs]
Augustavia J. Haydel Esq
[General Counsel Legal Services]
Tom Mapp
[Chief Compliance Officer]
Maggie Hollon
[Director Provider Network Operations]
Estela Martinez
[Provider Relations Director]
Paul Van Duine
[Senior Director - Provider Network Operations & Strategy]
Fernandez Gene
[Chief Information Officer]
Noah Paley
[Chief of Enterprise Integration]
Tom Schwaninger
[Chief Information Officer]
Terry Brown
[Chief Humans Resources Officer]
Dorothy Seleski
[Chief of Managed Care Operations]
Robert Turner
[Chief of Human Resources]
Phinney Ahn
[Executive Director, Medi-Cal]
Garrison Rios
[Executive Director, Cal MediConnect]
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Company News/Coverage:
L.A. Care Signs Groundbreaking Deal with UCLA to Serve Medi-Cal Patients
L.A. Care Wins Best Multicultural Ad Campaign
L.A. Care Continues Commitment to Care Harbor/LA
Los Angeles County Medical Association Honors L.A. Care General Counsel
L.A. Care: CEO Statement on Short-Term Limited Duration Health Plans
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