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Parent Company(s)
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Business Focus:
Consumer Directed Health (CDH)
- Not Specified -
Complex Chronic Diseases
HIP: Specialty - Behavioral Health
HIP: Specialty - Dental
HIP: Specialty - Vision
HIP: Specialty - Worker’s Compensation
HIP: Supplemental / Voluntary Coverages
Disease Management
HIP: Specialty PPO
Predictive Modeling
Quality Improvement
Medicare Health Plan
Financial Services
Company Description:
OptumHealth helps individuals navigate the health care system, finance their health care needs and achieve their health and well-being goals.The company's personalized health advocacy and engagement programs tap a unique combination of capabilities that encompass care solutions, behavioral solutions, public sector solutions, specialty benefits and financial services. Serving nearly 60 million people, OptumHealth is one of the nation's largest health and wellness businesses. Our information-driven personalized health management approach brings together clinical, self-reported, behavioral and segmentation data to create a personalized action plan that creates health care value. Our Disease Management programs focus on getting patients access to better care, maximizing the value of every dollar spent, and increasing understanding of how to manage the condition through behavior change and adherence to recommended treatment plans.
Company Ownership:
OptumHealth is a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Brian Kane
[VP - Communications]
Aaron Albright
[Director of External Communications]
Christine Hauser
[Associate Director, External Communications]
Brooke LaTour
[Media Contact]
Brad Lotterman
[Manager, External Communications]
Lauren Mihajlov
[Director of Communications, Consumer Solutions Group]
Steve Puleo
[Corporate Communications Director]
Rolando Rodriguez
[Public Relations Manager (XLHealth)]
Jann Stockwell
[Media Contact]
Gwen Holliday
[Media Contact]
Cristinlisa Raiche
[Manager, Marketing Planner]
Cecilia Santana
[Media Relations Manager (XLHealth)]

Company Officials:
Frederick C. Dunlap
[Chief Executive Officer an Chairman of the Board (XLHealth)]
Sandra Forquer Ph.D.
[Chief Executive Officer for Optumhealth New Mexico]
Andrew Hayek
[Chief Executive Officer]
Patty Horoho
[CEO of the Optum Military and Veterans Group]
Ron Jones
[CEO - Optum360]
Robert Musslewhite
[CEO and President of Optum Analytics]
Andrew Sekel Ph.D
[CEO of Specialty Networks Business]
Chad L. Wilkins
[Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services]
Andrew Witty
Simon Stevens
Wayne Campbell
[Medical Advisory Board Member (XLHealth)]
Patrick Hervy
[Board Director (XLHealth)]
Robert Reffkin
[Board Member (XLHealth)]
Jeffrey Tredwell
[Board Member (XLHealth)]
John Woloszyn
[Board Member (XLHealth)]
Kelvin Anderson
[President, Optumhealth Bank]
Michael Evans
[Regional Vice President]
Brian Kelly
[President, Optum Life Sciences]
Curt Medeiros
[President, Life Sciences]
Michael Michaux
[President, Optum Payment Integrity]
Eric Murphy
[President - Payer Market - OptunInsight]
Charles Nostrand
[Managing Partner]
James Sohr
[President (AIM Healthcare Services)]
John DeSmet
[COO - Physical Health]
Carlos Ferrera
Steve Griffiths
[Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer]
Shelly Kepner
[Chief of Staff]
Jean Moise
[Chief Operating Officer]
John M. Prince
[Chief Operating Officer]
Lee Spruiell
[Regional Vice President, Field Operations (XLHealth)]
Marilyn Van Horn
[Chief Operations Officer]
Bill Bonfield M.D., M.P.H.
[Chief Medical Officer]
Aaron Cohen
[Senior National Medical Director - Chief Medical Officer]
William H. Crown PhD
[Chief Scientific Officer - Optum Labs]
Jon Friedman
[Chief Medical Officer]
Michael Hawkins MD
[Senior National Medical Director]
David O. Hollis MD
[CMO, Medicare Health Support (XLHealth)]
Harry Leider MD, MBA, FACPE
[Chief Medical Officer (XLHealth)]
Laurie R. Russell MS, RN, CCM
[Vice President of Medical Affairs (XLHealth)]
Michael Bailey M.D.
[Medical Director]
Zayed Baker MD
[Co-President of RMG]
Janet L. Bruno MD
[Medical Director]
Jay Cohen
[Senior Vice President - External Affairs]
Dave Elton DC
[Senior Vice President - Clinical Programs]
James Metcalf DO, MBA
[Medical Director - OptumCare Network of Utah]
Curtis Mock
[National Medical Director]
Ronald J. Ozminkowski PhD
[Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer]
Arthur Puff MD
[Medical Director]
Melinda Ratini D.O., M.S.
[Medical Director]
Michael Rosen
[National Medical Director]
Martin Rosenzweig
[Senior Medical Director]
Michael Rosnick
[Medical Director]
Robert L. Cinquegrana CPA
[Chief Financial Officer (XLHealth)]
Shawn Mobley
[Chief Revenue Officer]
Mete Sahin C.P.A.
[Chief Financial Officer (XLHealth)]
Lisa Lehtinen MBS
Michael Matteo
[Chief Growth Officer]
Brad Shapiro
[Vice President, Business Development]
Glenn Davis
[SVP - Growth Operations]
Donna Fontaine
[Senior Sales Account Executive]
Richard J. Kodora Jr.
[Senior Vice President]
W. Thomas McEnery
[Former Vice President, Marketing]
Tami Reller
[Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer]
Peter Dumont
[Privacy Officer]
Adam Easterday JD
[Deputy General Counsel]
Daniel J. Friedman
[Chief Legal Officer (XLHealth)]
Timothy F. Ryan
[General Counsel]
Russ Joannesson
[Chief Client Officer]
Erik Johnson
[Vice President for Network and Population Health Consulting]
Monika Mikkelsen
[Director Network Operations]
Jeff Runkel
[Director of Contracting and Provider Services]
Rob Bohnenkamp
[Chief Information Officer]
Deborah Doffing
[nformation Security Officer]
John Mbagwu PharmD
[Clinical/Client Lead, Health Technology Pipeline, Medical Informatics Consulting]
Suresh Ramakrishnan
[Chief Information Officer (XLHealth)]
Matthew Stearns
[VP of External Communications]
Alisa Bahl
[SVP, Behavioral Solutions]
Jon Bird
[SVP - Risk Adjustment Oversight & Analytics]
Frank Blackstock
[senior vice president]
Paul Bleicher MD, PhD
[CEO - OptumLabs]
John Bock
[Executive Client Manager]
Michael Bresolin
[Senior Vice President - Strategic Initiatives]
Michael Brousseau
[Sr. Director, Market Intelligence]
Laura Ciavola
[Senior Vice President, Claims and System Integration (XLHealth)]
Deborah Culhane
[Senior Vice President]
Benton Davis
[Payer Solutions]
Paul Davis
[Former Executive VP, Affordability]
Fred Dodson
[EVP of Care Improvement Plus (Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan (C-SNP)) (XLHealth)]
Kristy Duffey
[Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for HouseCalls and Complex Care Management]
Jeff Dumcum
[SVP Clinical Performance and Compliance, General Manager]
Zahoor Elahi
[SVP - Payor Solutions]
Jan Eyer
[Senior Vice President]
Shaun Flanagan
[SVP, Optum]
Stephanie Gebing
[SVP, Private Label]
Evelyn Gluting
[National Director for Consultant Relations]
Simone Grapini-Goodman
[Senior Director and General Manager - myOptumHealth]
Tom Graves
[SVP - Government Solutions]
Camille Haltom
[National VP, Consultant Relations]
Mark Hanrahan
[SVP, Payer Sales, Specialty Networks]
Linda Hibbert
[Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales and Service]
Kathleen Hustad
[Senior Business Analyst Marketing Strategy]
Jennifer Janowski
[Strategic Account Executive]
Steve Klister
[Former Executive Vice President - Dental]
Jeff Kohrman
[Senior Vice President of Sales]
Alisa Lamnin
[SVP, Behavioral Solutions]
Steve Larsen
[Executive Vice President of Optum Government Solutions]
James Molloy
[Senior Vice President, National Sales]
Tom Murray
[SVP, Population Health]
John G. Murtha
[Senior Vice President - Consulting]
Rakesh Nangia
[Senior Vice President of Business Development]
Richard Osborne
[Sr. Vice President]
Chris Pricco
Christopher Pricco
[SVP - Risk and Quality Solutions]
Robin Randall-Lewis
[Strategy Director]
Cara Samokar
[Client Executive]
Elizabeth Smith
[SVP - Federal Business Strategy]
Claude Snow Jr.
[SVP - Consulting]
James Springrose
[Senior Director - Clinical Standards]
Betty J. Teague
[Senior Director]
Martha R. Temple
[SVP, Optum Behavioral Health]
Mike Weissel
[Executive Vice President]
Stephanie Will
[Senior Vice President - Risk Adjustment]
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