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Priority Health
1231 E Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids , MI   49525-7024   USA
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Company Hierarchy
Parent Company(s)

Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
HIP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
HIP: Heatlh Savings Account (HSA - CDHP)
HIP: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Company Description:
Priority Health is a nationally recognized health plan company based in Michigan. It provides more than 450,000 members with a broad portfolio of products including HMOs, PPOs, HSAs and HRAs. It is a non-profit company governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Priority Health is rated number one by the National Business Coalition on Health and is consistently ranked among the nation's best health plans by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and U.S. News & World Report.
Company Ownership:
Priority Health is primarily by five-hospital Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Robert Pocock
[Associate Vice President of Communications]
Amy Miller
[Senior Communications Consultant]
Juanita Smith
[Senior Communications Specialist]
Rachel Taber
[Communications Specialist]
Juanita Vorel
[Senior Communications Specialist]
Leslie Wurm
[Senior Marketing Specialist]
Meagan Forsgren
[Communications Specialist]

Company Officials:
Joan Budden
[President and CEO]
Michael P. Freed
[President & Chief Executive Officer]
Jennifer Gradnigo
[Media Contact]
Jody Vanderwel
[Board Chair]
David P. Bilardello
[Executive Director of Commercial Products]
Jeffrey Hoerle
[Executive Director - Southwest Michigan]
Michael Koziara
[Chief Operating Officer]
Deborah Phillips
[Chief Administrative Officer]
James D. Forshee MD
[Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer]
Marnie Byers RN, BSN, MSA
[Associate Vice President of Medical Operations]
Erica Clark PharmD
[Senior Clinical Pharmacy Manager]
Brian Fedoronko MD
[Medical Director for Southeast Michigan]
John Fox MD
[Associate Vice President of Medical Affairs]
Jay LaBine
[Medical Director]
Steve Marciniak RPh
[Director - Pharmacy Administration]
William Valler
[Pharmacy Director]
Burton VanderLaan MD, FACP
[Medical Director]
Rhonda Wassom
[Director of Pharmacy Operations]
Cindy Brink
[Director, Financial Reporting and Analysis]
Mary Anne Jones
[Chief Financial Officer]
LouAnn Shawver
[Senior Manager of PriorityMedicare Sales]
Judith W. Hooyenga
[General Counsel]
Terry Somerville
[Compliance and Privacy Officer]
Kimberly Thomas
[General Counsel]
George Conte
[Vice President - Marketing]
Betty Irving
[Director - Customer Service]
Robert Pocock
[Associate Vice President of Communications]
Richard P. O'Donnell
[Associate Vice President - Provider Contracting and Reimbursement]
Kim Suarez
[Vice President of Medical Operations and the Consumer Experience]
Krischa Winright
[Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology]
Sherwin Robinson
[Chief Underwriter]
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Company News/Coverage:
Priority Health Launches Wellbeing Hub, a Free Digital Wellness Experience
Priority Health makes prescriptions costs available, furthering transparency mission
Priority Health Partners with Beaumont Health to Offer New, Affordable Health Plan Option
Priority Health Plans Earn Top Ratings Nationally
Priority Health Partners with Local Health Systems to Create Affordable Plan Options for Southeast Michigan Residents
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