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Company Hierarchy
Parent Company(s)
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
HIP: Benefit Administrators
HIP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
HIP: Medicare Advantage Plan
HIP: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Company Description:

UnitedHealthcare provides a full spectrum of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services.  The company organizes access to quality, affordable health care services on behalf of more than 26 million individual consumers, contracting directly with more than 535,000 physicians and care professionals and 4,700 hospitals nationwide to offer consumers broad, convenient access to services nationwide. 

Company Ownership:
UnitedHealthcare is one of the businesses of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH), a diversified Fortune 50 health and well-being company. Other UnitedHealth Group businesses include Ovations, AmeriChoice, Uniprise, OptumHealth and Ingenix.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Martha Jones
[Vice President - Corporate Communications/PR]
Daryl Richard
[Vice President of Communications]
Keely Brenno
[Director of Public Relations]
Buddy Castellano
[Media Contact]
Dustin Clark
[Regional Communications Director]
Kristen Cordiano
[Communications Director]
Lou Desiderio
[Media Contact]
Mark Drake
Jennifer Gatti
[Medicare & Retirement]
Ben Goldstein
[Public Relations Director]
Jill Harrison
[Regional Communications Director]
Lynne High
[Public Relations Director]
Taylor Joseph
[Associate Director, Communications]
Erica Julkowski
[Director of Public Relations]
Mary McElrath-Jones
[Director, Communications and Public Relations]
Molly McMillen
[Director - Public Relations]
Nancy Oliker
Jessica Pappas
[Associate Director, Communications]
John Parker
[Senior Director External Affairs]
Will Shanley
[Media Relation Manager]
Kevin Shermach
[Director - Public Relations]
Heather Soule
[Communications Director]
Jennifer Statham
[Regional Communications Director]
Kim T. Whitaker
[Media Relations Director]
Sarah Bearce
[Communications Manager]
William S. Holman
[Manager - Public Relations]
Sandra Johnson
[Media/Event Coordinator]
Jessica Kostner
[Public Relations Manager]
Tony Marusic
[Media Contact]
Amanda Penn
[Manager, Public and Community Relations]
Brenda Perez
[Media Manager]
Andrea Young
[Communications Manager]
Greg Thompson
[Regional Communications Director]

Company Officials:
Pete Clarkson
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement in North/Central Florida]
Bernadette DiRe
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Massachusetts]
Phillip Franz
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement in New Jersey]
James Frey
[Pacific Region CEO]
Cathy Harvey
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement in Wisconsin]
Stephen J. Hemsley
[UnitedHealth Group Chief Executive Officer]
Philip Kaufman
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Vision]
Jack Larsen
[Chief Executive Officer]
Charlotte MacBeth MBA, MHA, JD
[Health Plan Chief Executive Officer]
Roger Rodriguez
[Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealthcare of South Florida]
Garland Scott
[CEO, Unitedhealthcare of North Carolina]
Mary Snyder
[CEO of Medicare & Retirement in New Hampshire]
Diane Souza
[CEO, Specialty Benefits]
Jeff Underwood
[CEO of Medicare & Retirement in Oregon]
Elizabeth Winsor
[Chief Executive Officer of Unitedhealthcare National Accounts]
Greg Wright
[CEO of Medicare & Retirement in Southern California]
Robert L. Goldenberg
[Chairman, Women's Health Scientific Advisory Board]
Kenneth I. Shine M.D.
[Member, Board of Directors]
Ray Batchelor
[National Vice President of PEO Sales]
John Caldarella
[SVP Client Management - General Manager East]
C. Richard Cook
[Western Regional President]
Ori Karev
[CEO of UnitedHealth International]
Tony Lonigro
[Southwest Region CEO - Military & Veterans]
John Mateczun
[President, UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans]
Elena McFann
[Central Region President]
Thomas Paul
[CEO, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions]
Garyn Ramos
Nelson Sabatini
[President (Care Improvement Plus)]
Bill Truxa
[StudentResources President]
David S. Wichmann
[Chief Executive Officer]
James Becker
[Senior Vice President]
Paul Brophy
[Chief Operating Officer]
Annette C. Onorati Esq.
[COO for United for South Florida]
Suzanne Pierce
[Chief Operating Officer]
Efrem Castillo M.D.
[Chief Medical Officer]
Stephen Cha
[Chief Medical Officer]
Linda Chous
[Chief Eye Care Officer]
Sanford Cohen
[Chief Medical Officer, Northwest Region]
Ronald Y. Fujimoto D.O.
[Chief Medical Officer, Unitedhealthcare Community Plan of Hawaii]
Samuel Ho MD
[Executive Vice President And Chief Medical Officer]
Daniel Kent MD, FACP
[Chief Medical Officer]
Sandra Bruce Nichols MD
[Chief Medical Officer - Northeast Region]
Catherine Palmier MD
[Chief Medical Director for UnitedHealthcare’s Southeast Region]
Rhonda Randall DO
[Chief Medical Officer - Retiree Solutions]
Laurie R. Russell MS, RN, CCM
[Vice President of Medical Affairs (Care Improvement Plus)]
Deneen Vojta MD
[Senior Vice President of the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform and Modernization and UnitedHealt]
Len Wilkerson DO, MBA, MPH
[Chief Medical Officer - Central Region]
Margaret Wilson
[Chief Medical Officer]
Michael J. Anderson PharmD
[Chief Pharmacy Officer - UnitedHealth Group Alliances]
Dawn Bazarko RN, MPH
[Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations]
Lida Etemad PharmD
[Vice President, Pharmacy Management Strategies, Employer & Individual and Community & State]
Mike Fitzgibbons
[Vice President - Pharmacy STARS]
Tina Groat M.D
[National Medical Director]
Shawn C. Merys MD, MPH
[Vice President, IRG]
Roger Muller
[Senior Medical Director]
Lee H. Newcomer MD, MHA
[Senior Vice President, Oncology]
Donna O'Shea MD, MBA
[Market Medical Director]
William Olson MD, MMM
[Market Medical Director, Pacific Region]
David A. Stumpf MD, PhD
[Former National Medical Director - Physician Engagement & Improvement]
Michael Tume PharmD, MA
Jeannette Velarde MD
[Senior Medical Director]
Jack Stephen Weiss MD, CHIE
[Regional Medical Director]
Joseph Williams MD
[Medical Director - Georgia Health Plan Operations (Care Improvement Plus)]
Nancy Williams BSN, MS, RN, PHN
[Senior Director - Advanced Illness Program]
Richard A. Zabinski PharmD
[Vice President, Pharmaceutical Solutions - Specialized Care Services]
Jim Bedard
Paul Phillips
[CFO, Student Resources]
Eric Rangen
[SVP/Chief Accounting Officer]
Dan Schumacher
[Chief Financial Officer]
Joe Wagner
[Chief Financial Officer, Northeast]
John Cosgriff
[Chief Strategy Officer]
Heather Kane
[CEO - Public Exchange Marketplace]
Austin Pittman
[CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community & State]
Kemal Canlar
Terry Clark
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Christine Gibson
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Sara Scott
[Senior Vice President of Sales - Specialty Benefits]
Yasmine Winkler
[Regional CEO - Community & State]
Thad Johnson
[Deputy General Counsel]
Sara Leivermann
[Sr. Director, Medicare Product Integrity - AmeriChoice]
Lisa Vanston Thorpe JD
[Senior Managing Attorney]
Mitchell Zamoff
[General Counsel]
David Amador
[Director - Network Operations and Contracting]
Jacqueline S. Bright
[Senior Director - Network Management]
Dianna Chautin
[Vice President - Provider Relations]
Mei Ling Christopher
[National Contract Manager]
Jordan Reigel
[Vice President - Network Strategy & Innovation]
Bruce Thompson
[Vice President of Provider Data Strategy]
Michael Connly
[CIO, UnitedHealth Technologies]
Rick Dougherty
[Senior IT Director]
Chad Walker
Deborah Schreiber
[Network Compliance Officer/Medicare Deputy Compliance Officer]
Bill Whitely
[Chief Growth Officer]
Martha Jones
[Vice President - Corporate Communications/PR]
Rebecca Madsen
[Chief Consumer Officer]
Daryl Richard
[Vice President of Communications]
Mike Baker
[Senior Vice President]
Gary Beatty
Jeffrey Brenner MD
[Senior Vice President, Integrated Health and Human Services]
Tina Brown-Stevenson
[SVP, Health System Analytics and Decision Support]
Fred Dodson
[Executive Vice President (Care Improvement Plus)]
Linda Duckworth
[National Director - Private Equity Distribution]
Lissette Garcia
[Executive Director - Medicare & Retirement]
Kirsten Gorsuch
[SVP of Communications]
Rita Johnson-Mills
[Senior Vice President]
Dave Luby
[Executive Director]
Josh Martin
[Executive Director]
Sagran Moodley
[Senior Vice President - Clinical Data Services]
Patty Sauro
[Senior Vice President]
Ken Sheldon
[Senior Vice President - Business Development]
Michael Skinner
[Regional Vice President Underwriting]
Kenneth Smith
[CEO - Long Term Services and Supports and Dual Special Needs Plans]
Brian Thompson
[CEO - Medicare & Retirement business]
Claire Verity
[CEO - Employer & Individual, Pacific Northwest]
Thomas P. Wiffler
[CEO of Specialty Benefits]
Robert Williams
[Sr IT Operating Sys Cnsltnt]
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