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Matrix Medical Network
Company Website:
Company Hierarchy
Parent Company(s)

Business Focus:
Care|Disease Management
Medical Management
Outcomes Measurement
Performance Measurement/Services
Quality Improvement
Medicare Health Plan
Company Description:
Matrix Medical Network provides in-home assessments and comprehensive care management services to health plan members that improve health outcomes. Using an advanced technology platform, Matrix providers visit with health plan members in their homes to obtain a deeper understanding about how to best support the members’ care needs. This information is used to ensure that provider and health plan services are best aligned with the needs of the member, resulting in better overall health outcomes. Matrix is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and partners with leading health plans across the country.
Company Ownership:
Matrix is backed by Frazier Healthcare Partners and The Providence Service Corporation (Nasdaq:PRSC) of Stamford, CT.

Company Officials:
Michael Quilty MBA
[President and CEO]
Timothy Nolan
[Board Member]
Doug Fellers
[Chief Development Officer (HealthFair)]
John Moore
[Senior Vice President – Operations]
Daniel Castillo MD, MBA
[Chief Medical Officer]
Zachary Gerbarg MD, CPC
[Chief Medical Officer]
Maurice Herbelin
[Chief Medical Officer]
Carmen Hill-Mekoba DNP, APRN-BC, CCM, COHN
[Senior Vice President of Clinical Services]
Marcia Naveh MD, FACP, CMD
[Chief Medical Officer]
Robert Oristaglio
[Chief Medical Officer (HealthFair)]
Aerste Howells
[Senior Vice President - Sales]
Mark Reagen
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Edward F. Cotter JD, LLM
[General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer]
John Hopkins
[General Counsel]
Anne Parrett
[Client Services Manager]
Steve Tatarian
[SVP - Member and Provider Services]
Mike Brown
[Chief Information Officer]
Michael Cantor
[Chief Information Officer]
Ian Worden
[Chief Information Officer and Product Architect]
Chaz Hinkle
[Chief Human Resources Officer]
Jean Callahan
[Senior Vice President, Chief Human Capital Officer]
Heidi Cannon
[Senior Vice President, Account Management]
Walter W. Cooper
[Chief Executive Officer]
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Company News/Coverage:
Ian Worden Named Matrix Medical Network Chief Information Officer and Product Architect
Healthcare Industry Expert Dr. Daniel Castillo Joins Matrix Medical Network as Chief Medical Officer
Mike Brown Named Matrix Medical Network Chief Information Officer
Matrix Medical Network announces the appointment of Ian Worden as Vice President, Product & Marketing
Matrix Medical Network announces the appointment of Heidi Cannon as Senior Vice President, Account Management
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