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Meridian, a WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
WellCare Health Plans, Inc.


Sibs - Companies with the Same Parent
WellCare of Connecticut, Inc.


WellCare of Georgia


WellCare of Louisiana


WellCare of New York, Inc.


WellCare of South Carolina, Inc.


WellCare of Texas


WellCare of Missouri | Harmony Health Plan


WellCare Health Plans | Harmony Health Plan of Illinois, Inc.


'Ohana Health Plan offered by WellCare Health Plans, Inc.


WellCare of Florida


Missouri Care, A WellCare Company


Care1st Health Plan Arizona, Inc.


WellCare of California, Inc.


Collaborative Health Systems (CHS), A WellCare Company


Meridian Health Plan | Health Plan of Michigan


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Parents   - Parent / Owner

Sibs - Sister Company

Subs - Subsidiary
HIP: HMO - Not Specified -
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