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Health Care LA, IPA, lowers Global Readmission Rates through the use of Titanium Extra Clinic in Downtown Los Angeles

Source Titanium Extra
Published Date 11/11/2017
The Titanium Extra Post-Discharge clinic helps Heath Care LA, IPA members who are at a high risk of readmission to stay out of the hospital and spend higher quality time at home instead. Only 5% of Titanium Extra clinic patients are readmitted within 30 days.

Health Care LA, IPA (HCLA) and Titanium Healthcare, LLC, today announced excellent first-year results from a partnership in downtown Los Angeles focused on reducing readmissions. The readmission rate is the percentage of people discharged from the hospital who are admitted within 30 days for any reason. Patients who are seen at the Titanium Extra Clinic show a consistent 5% readmission rate. The global readmission rate for the IPA has dropped from 18% to 13% by leveraging this practice.
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