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Welltok: Big Data Sniffs Out Consumers at Risk for Getting the Flu

Source Welltok, Inc.
Published Date 12/7/2017
Welltok Reveals Top Candidates for Flu Shots and Strategies to Increase Compliance

As one of the worst flu seasons encroaches on America and flu-related costs exceed $10 billion annually, encouraging consumers to get the flu vaccine is a top priority for population health managers. Welltok, the leading consumer health enterprise company, is leveraging its proprietary data and predictive analytics capabilities to help employers, health plans and other population health managers identify and target consumers with a greater risk of getting and spreading the flu. ...
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Welltok, Inc.
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Erica Sniad Morgenstern
[Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing Communications]
Welltok, Inc.
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Welltok, Inc.
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