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Kaiser Permanente: Help Mom De-Stress This Mother’s Day

Source Kaiser Permanente
Published Date 5/9/2018
Being a parent is joyous and rewarding — and also stressful at times. Whether working or staying at home, parents face a barrage of demands and self-imposed expectations. ...
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Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA

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Anabel Castrezana
[Family Therapist]
Kaiser Permanente
Suzanne Deschamps MD
[Co-director of Physician Wellness]
Kaiser Permanente
Elizabeth Duenas M.D.
[Family Medicine Physician]
Kaiser Permanente
Lateefah Watford M.D.
[Adult, Adolescent, Child and Forensic Psychiatrist And Chief of Behavioral Health Services]
Kaiser Permanente
Diana Yee
[Sr. Communications Consultant]
Kaiser Permanente
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