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Leverage Insights: Employers, Self-Funding, Strategy

Source Leverage Health
Published Date 6/12/2018
Shawn Leavitt, Senior Vice President of Global Benefits for Comcast and NBC Universal, and Barbara Wachsman, until very recently Director of Strategy and Engagement for Disney Enterprise Benefits (2006–2018) and Chair of the Pacific Business Group on Health join Richard Lungen, of Leverage Health, to discuss the changing role of the employer in healthcare delivery. Also contributing to this conversation is Larry Leisure, Managing Director of Chicago Pacific Founders and Chairman of ADVI. ...
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Featured Companies
Leverage Health
Mt. Kisco, NY

Company Representatives Featured
Shawn Leavitt
[Senior Vice President - Global Benefits]
Comcast | XFINITY
Lawrence Leisure
Chicago Pacific Founders
Richard L. Lungen
[Managing Member]
Leverage Health
Barbara Wachsman
[Senior Executive - Employee Health Benefits]
Disney Worldwide Services
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