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CIGNA HealthCare
900 Cottage Grove Rd
Hartford , CT   06152-0001   USA
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Company Website:
Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
HIP: Benefit Administrators
HIP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
HIP: Heatlh Savings Account (HSA - CDHP)
HIP: Specialty - Behavioral Health
HIP: Specialty - Dental
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
Company Description:
CIGNA HealthCare, headquartered in Bloomfield, CT, provides medical benefits plans, dental coverage, behavioral health coverage, pharmacy benefits and products and services that integrate and analyze information to support consumerism and health advocacy. "CIGNA HealthCare" refers to various operating subsidiaries of CIGNA Corporation (NYSE: CI). Products and services are provided by these operating subsidiaries and not by CIGNA Corporation.
Company Ownership:
"CIGNA HealthCare" refers to various operating subsidiaries of CIGNA Corporation (NYSE: CI).

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Ed Schwartz
[Medical Director]
Gloria Barone Rosanio
[Director of Communications]
Phil Mann
[Corporate Communications]
Jon Sandberg
[Vice President - Corporate Communications]
Diana Sousa
[Vice President - Corporate Business Communications]
Janet Brown
[Communications Director]
Sylvia Evans
[Media Contact]
Paul Gallanda
Judy Hartling
[Director of Public Relations]
Rainey Daye Holloway
[Communications Director]
Gareth Ingham
[Associate Director, Business Communications]
Kathleen Keenan
[Director of Public Relations]
Sarah Lindsay
[Public Relations Specialtist]
Will McDowell
[Media Contact]
Joseph Mondy
Lauren Moyer
[Business Communications Specialist]
Courtney Nogas
[Regional Public Relations]
Robyn R. Ray
[Media Contact]
Nicola Thomson
[Media Contact]
Amy Turkington Szable
[Director, Public Relations]
Kristel van Bavel
[Head Marketing & Communication]
Ross Walker
[Marketing Consultant]
Kate Wilson
[Manager Corporate Communications]
Whitney Anderson
[Public Relations Manager]
Jim Angstadt
[Media Relation Manager]
Rogelio DeLaMar
[Internal Business Communication Manager]
Karen Eldred
[Communications Manager]
Holly Fussell
[Media Contact]
Jill Holliday
[Communications Manager]
Mark Massey
[Business Development Manager]
Ellie Polack
[Media Contact]
Gene Reineke
[Publci Relations Manager]
Mark Slitt
[Public Relations Manager]
Mary Tullis Engvall
[Senior Director - Corporate Responsibility]
Leslie Campbell
Investor Relations Contact(s)
Ted Detrick
[VP, Investor Relations]

Company Officials:
David M. Cordani
[CIGNA Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer]
David M. Cordani
[President and Chief Executive Officer]
Howard Gough
[CEO for the Middle East & Asia-Pacific]
H. Edward Hanway
[Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CIGNA Corporation]
Isaiah Harris
[Chairman of the Board]
Robert Genco
[Dental Clinical Advisory Panel Member]
Gregory James Allen
[President for the Tennessee Market]
William Atwell
[President of CIGNA International]
Amie Benedict
[President, Cigna Payer Solutions]
Kim Bimestefer
[President and General Manager - Mountain States]
Gary Culp
Tom Dameron
[President and General Manager]
Patty Fontneau
[President of Private Exchange Business]
David Guilmette
[President, Global Employer Segment]
C. Daniel Haron
[President of Cigna Pharmacy Management]
James Hickey
[Market President for Commercial Health Care and Related Benefits Plans in South Texas]
Bryan Holgerson
[Market President for the Health Care and Related Benefits Plans in Georgia and Alabama]
Ralph Holmes
[President and General Manager for Regional Business]
Gary Kirkner
David Kobus
[President for the Tri-State Market]
Matt Manders
[President, U.S. Service - Clinical and Specialty]
Michael Phillips
[President and General Manager for Midwest Market]
John Roble
[Market President for the Mountain States Region]
William Roth
[President of the Individual and Small Business Markets Segment]
Monica Schmude
[Market President for the States of Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania And West Virginia]
Brian Seiz PharmD
[President - Pharmacy]
Kim Shepard
[Market President for Commercial Health Care And Related Benefits Plans in Arizona]
Bill Smith
Michael Triplett
[President of East Region and Government Segment]
Timothy C. Wentworth
[President - Health Services]
Ann Asbaty
[Chief Operating Officer of National Accounts]
Bobbie Bradley
[Vice President of Operations]
Brett Browchuk
[Senior Vice President - Service Operations]
Jim Bruce
[Chief Operating Officer]
Maggie FitzPatrick
[Chief Communications Officer]
Robert Anfield MD
[Chief Medical Officer]
Stephen Cassell
[Title SVP Brand and Customer Communications d]
Gina Conflitti
[Chief Medical Officer for Medicare Advantage Business]
David Finley MD FACS
[Chief Medical Officer]
Michael Howell
[Senior Medical Director for Florida]
Scott Josephs MD
[National Medical Officer for Clinical Operations]
Ozzie Khan MD
[Senior Medical Director, National Accounts]
Peter W. McCauley MD
[Regional Medical Executive]
Renee McLaughlin
[Senior Medical Director for Tennessee]
Robert H. McLaughlin MD
[Medical Senior Director]
Steven Miller MD
[Chief Clinical Officer]
Alan M. Muney MD, MHA
[Chief Medical Officer]
Jose Quesada
[Chief Medical Officer]
Michael Reardon MD
[National Medical Executive]
Richard Salmon MD, PhD
[National Medical Director - Performance Measurement and Improvement]
Charles Smith
[Chief Medical Officer]
Christina Stasiuk
[Senior Medical Director]
Frederick Watson
[Senior Medical Director for North Texas]
Chris Bradbury
[Vice President of Integrated Clinical and Specialty Drug Solutions]
Frank Brown MD
[Executive Medical Director]
Joseph E. Couto PharmD, MBA
[Clinical Program Manager]
Jack Davidson
[Senior Medical Director for the Mid-America market]
Catherine Dimou
[Market Medical Executive for the Midwest Market]
David Ferriss MD
[National Medical Director for Clinical Program Development]
Charles Foreman
[Senior Medical Director]
Steven Halpern
[Senior Medical Director]
Robert Hamilton M.D.
[Regional Medical Executive for Georgia]
Andrea Houfek
[Medical Director for Urgent Care and Pediatrics]
Edward N. Hunsinger MD
[Senior Medical Executive of the Carolinas]
Lenore Kelley RPh
[Chief Pharmacy Officer - Home Delivery Pharmacy]
Julie Kessel M.D.
[Senior Medical Director for Coverage Policy]
Mark Laitos
[Medical Executive, Rocky Mountain States]
William Lopez MD, CPE
[Senior Medical Director - Behavioral Health]
Melissa Ludwig
[Medical Director]
Stuart Lustig
[Lead Medical Director for Child and Adolescent Care]
Jon Maesner PharmD
[Chief Pharmacy Officer]
Isaac Martinez M.D.
[Utilization Management Medical Director]
Ron Menzin MD
[NY-NJ Market Medical Director / Senior Medical Director]
David Mino
[National Medical Director Orthopedic Surgery And Spinal Disorders]
Doug Nemecek MD
[National Medical Director for Behavioral Health Programs]
Dan Nicolls MD
[Northeast Region Medical Director]
Mary E. Picerno RN
[Chief Nursing Officer]
Saif Rathore
[MD, PhD, MPH]
Bhuvana Sagar M.D.
[Medical Director]
Ed Schwartz
[Medical Director]
John Sobeck M.D.
[Senior Medical Director for Washington]
Patricia Stephenson
[Senior Medical Director]
Marco Vitiello M.D.
[Senior Medical Director for South Florida]
Allen Wolfe MD
[National Medical Director for Health Advocacy]
Michael Bell
[Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer]
Mary T. Hoeltzel CPA
[Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer]
Thomas A. McCarthy
[Chief Financial Officer]
Eric Palmer
[Chief Financial Officer]
Matthew Blum
[Principal - Cigna Ventures]
Joan Kennedy
[VP - Consumer Health Engagement]
Karen Kocher
[Chief Learning Officer]
Michael Ross
[Senior Vice President - Marketing and Business Development]
Lisa R. Bacus
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Brian Cuddeback
[Head of Sales and Client Management in Connecticut]
Benjamin Karsch
[Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer]
Kristen Lauria
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Rebekah Whitehouse
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Mary E. Wilkins
[Senior Vice President of National Accounts]
John Cannon III JD
[SVP Public Affairs & Assc. Gen. Counsel of Public Affairs]
Sarang Chehrazi
[Supervising Counsel - Western Region]
Deb Hampson JD
[Chief Privacy, Ethics and Marketing Compliance Officer]
Nicole S. Jones
[General Counsel]
Rhonda M. Karlin
[Senior Counsel]
Carol Ann Petren Esq.
[Executive Vice Present of Legal And Public Affairs and General Counsel]
Shannon Adams
[Head of Customer Experience and Retention - Medicare]
Ingrid Lindberg
[Former Chief Experience Officer]
Paul Montanari
[Experience Architect]
Timothy L. Blevins LCSW
[Chief Network Officer - International Expatriate Benefits]
Ronald Pelton
[Provider Relations Field Rep]
Nancy Ramsey
Chester Tom
[AVP - Total Health & Network]
Paul Williams
[Senior Director - Provider Network Operations]
Mark L. Boxer
[Chief Information Officer]
Juan Conde
[Chief Information Officer]
Jack Godsill