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Humana Inc.
500 W Main St
Louisville , KY   40202-2946   USA
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Business Focus:
Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
HIP: Benefit Administrators
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Company Description:

Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the nation''''s largest publicly traded health benefits companies, with more than 11 million medical members. Humana offers a diversified portfolio of health insurance products and related services - through traditional and consumer-choice plans - to employer groups, government-sponsored plans, and individuals.

Over its 45-year history, Humana has consistently seized opportunities to meet changing customer needs. Today, the company is a leader in consumer engagement, providing guidance that leads to lower costs and a better health plan experience throughout its diversified customer portfolio.


Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Thomas T. Noland Jr.
[Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications]
Alan Player
[Communications Analyst]
Dick Brown
Richard A. Brown
[Director of Media Relations]
Susan Fey
Barbara Kerr
Ross McLerran
[Manager Corporate Communications]
Amelia Reid
[Corporate Communications Director]
Jennifer Burne
[Public Relations Memeber]
Marvin Hill
[Communications Consultant]
Anna Hobbs
[Corporate Communications]
Alissa Krinsky
[Corporate Communications]
Kate Marx
[Corporate Communications Manager]
Lindsey Kathryn Minella
[Corporate Communications Manager]
Melanie Phillips
[Clinical Quality Manager]

Company Officials:
Bruce D. Broussard MBA
[President and Chief Executive Officer]
Lance Hunsinger
[President & CEO]
Jonathan T. Lord MD
[Chief Executive Officer]
Ken Malcolmson
[Chief Executive Officer of West Region]
Michael McCallister
Paul J. Gerrard
[Chairman of Humana’s Corporate Social Responsibility Council]
David A. Jones Jr.
[Board Chairman]
David B. Nash MD, MBA
[Member of the Board of Directors]
Brendan Baker
[Desert Pacific Region President for Senior Products]
John Barger
[Medicaid President]
Rick Beavin
[Nevada Market President for Senior Products]
Matt Berger
[Regional President For the Louisiana And Mississippi Medicare Markets]
Jim Brown
[California Market President for Senior Product]
Alexander Clague
[Market President, Senior Products]
Larry Costello
[President for Senior Markets in Ohio]
Craig A. Drablos
[President of Humana Cares]
Deb Galloway
[Central Florida Medicare President]
Gerald Ganoni
[President, Small Business, Dental and HumanaOne]
Deborah Gracey
[President of Medicare Operations in Great Lakes Region]
Earl Harper
[Regional President of Medicare for Humana in Puerto Rico]
Curt Howell
[President Arizona and Utah Commercial Market Operations]
Earl F. Hurst
[President of Humana of Utah]
Paul Kraemer
[Humana East Region Employer Group Segment CEO]
Jim Laughlin
[Senior Products Market President, Southeast region]
Thomas Liston
[President - Retail Segment]
Stephen Macias
[President, Specialty-product]
Tim S. McClain
[President - Government and Other Business]
Peggy McCurry
[Executive Director]
Matthew Moore
[President of the Central North Region]
Tim O'Rourke
[President of the Medicare Division in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin]
Timothy O'Rourke
[Regional President]
Luis Olivera
[Puerto Rico Market President for Health]
Larry D. Savage
[Regional CEO]
Fernando Valverde M.D.
[Regional Market President]
Rich Vollmer
[Senior Markets President for Pennsylvania]
Bill White
[Texas Medicare President]
Tracey Wilbourn
[Market Vice President]
Steven DeRaleau
[Chief Operating Officer, HumanaOne]
Tim Huval
[Chief Administrative Officer]
David Krebs
[President and Chief Operating Officer]
Neil Mullaney
[Chief Operating Officer - Humana Military]
Sean Slovenski
[COO - Humana Vitality]
Cynthia Zipperle
[Chief Accounting Officer]
George A. Andrews MD MBA
[VP / Chief Medical Officer]
Heather Cox
[Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer]
David Fairbanks
[Medical Director]
Louis M. Fernandez M.D.
[Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Humana South Florida]
Yogi Hernandez Suarez M.D.
[Vice President and Chief Medical Officer-Integrated Care Delivery Organization]
Yolangel Hernandez-Suarez M.D., M.B.A.
[Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]
Jay Krakovitz
[Chief Medical Officer]
John M. Montgomery MD, MPH
[Vice President and Medical Officer]
Philip Painter MD
[Chief Medical Officer - HUMANA AT HOME]
Robert Pope MD
[CMO, Humana Senior Products]
Michael Sherman MD, MBA, MS
[Former Corporate Medical Director, Physicians Strategies - Clinical Guidance Organization]
William H. Shrank MD, MSHS
[Chief Medical Officer]
David Steele MD
[VP, CMO, Market Medical Officer]
Brian Strand
[Regional Medicare Medical Director]
Meredith Williams McKiernan
[Lead Medical Director - North Division]
Farhat Ahmedi MD
[Medical Director - Central West Region]
Amarin Alexander
[Associate Medical Director]
Meera Atkins MD, MBA
[Medical Director - Office of the Chief Medical Officer]
Samuel Benjamin MD
[Corporate Medical Director for Integrative Health Strategies]
Theresa Blanco
[Medical Director]
Susmita Chavala
[Clinical Advisor, Pharmacy Programs]
Zenia Colette Edwards MD, MBA
[National Medical Director]
Neal Fischer MD
[Regional Medical Director]
William Fleming PharmD, RPh
[Vice President - Pharmacy and Clinical Initiatives]
Scott Greenwell PharmD
[Pharmacy President]
Shelly Gupta
[Regional Medicare Medical Director]
Michelle Hartman
[Clinical Director]
Lou Hochheiser
[Medical Director of Clinical Policy Development]
Bryan Loy MD, MBA
[Vice President – Oncology, Laboratory, and Personalized Medicine]
Kathryn Lueken
[Regional Medical Director]
Taft Parsons III MD
[Enterprise Medical Director for Behavioral Health]
Elizabeth Peterson
[Regional Medical Director]
Todd Prewitt MD
[Corporate Chronic Condition Medical Director]
Rebecca Rosen
[Medical Director of Humana Europe]
Theophilus Sai MD
[Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder]
Steven Singer
[Medical Director]
Richard Smith
[Regional Medical Director]
Charles Stemple
[Medical Director]
Brian Kane
[Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer]
Steve McCulley
[Senior Vice President – Medicare Operations]
Raymond Pryor
[Chief Financial Officer]
Stacey Sinkula
[Managing Actuary]
Vishal Agrawal MD
[Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer]
Chris Hunter
[Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer]
Christopher kay JD
[Chief Innovation Officer]
Jonathan T. Lord MD
[Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer]
Dan Maltese
[National Director of Strategic Alliances for Humana MarketPOINT]
Julianna Olson RN, APNP, NP
[Chief - Market Clinical Innovations]
Patrick Oxholm
[Strategic Consultant]
Ben Sawyer
[Co-Founder of the Games for Health Project, a part of Humana's Innovation Center]
Jennifer Bazante
[Chief Marketing Officer]
Jessica Deckinger
[Chief Marketing Officer - Humana EDGE]
Steven Moya
[SVP and Chief Marketing Officer]
Justin Suddath
[Large Group Sales Executive]
John Terry
[Vice President of Sales, HumanaOne]
Joseph Ventura
[General Counsel]
Geeta Wilson
[VP Consumer Experience - Enterprise Transformation]
Jim Augustus
[Vice President of Provider Network Operations]
James Bosley
[Strategy Advancement Advisor]
Sid Hebert
[Director Integrated Provider Process Solutions]
Nate Kvamme MBA
[Vice President - Wellness Solutions]
James Long
[Director of National Contracting]
Vicki Perryman
[SVP - Consumer & Provider Service and Solutions]
Kim Peters
[Process Owner Integrated Provider Solutions]
Sam Deshpande
[Chief Technology and Risk Officer]
John Eisenhauer
[Chief of Data Governance]
Bruce Goodman
[SVP, Chief Service and Information Officer]
Amin Kassem
[Chief Information Officer]
Brian LeClaire
[Senior Vice President and Chief Service and Information Officer]
Doug McClure
[Chief Technology Officer (Healthrageous)]
Jon Moore
[Chief Information Security Officer]
Shally Pannikode
[Chief Information Officer]
Tom Payne
[Chief Information Officer]
Barry Robbins
[Vice President & MIS Chief Information Officer]
Brett Trelfa
[CIO Medicare and Medicaid]
Bonnie C. Hathcock
[SVP and Chief Human Resource Officer]
Maria Hughes
[Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer]
J. Edward Quinlan Jr.
[President of Specialty Products]
John Stites III
[California Vice President for Senior Products]
Kelley Murphy
[Vice President - Communications]
Thomas T. Noland Jr.
[Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications]
Alan Player
[Communications Analyst]
Kirk Allen
[Senior Vice President - Home Care]
Rajni Aneja MD, MBA, CPE
[Strategic Executive - Clinical Transformation Leader]
Beatriz Assapimonwait
[Regional President - South Florida Medicare]
Rhonda Bagby
[President, Louisiana commercial operations]
William Bruce
[Hospital Contracting Executive]
Jennifer Coleman
[Executive Director]
Kevin L. Crabtree Jr.
[Technology Implementation Lead - Humana Edge]
Roger Cude
[EVP of Talent and Organizational Development]
Susan Diamond
[President - Home Solutions Business]
Jeb Duke
[Medicaid Leader]
Jeffrey Fernandez
[Senior VP, Medicare West and Marketpoint]
Cheri Greenfield La Tour
[SVP of Home Care Operations]
Paige Greenwell
[Account Executive]
Chip Howard
[Senior Vice President, Partner Services]
Jen Kilgore Coriell
[Corporate Economist]
Kathie Mancini
[President - East Central Medicare Region]
Mark Matzke
[SVP - Employer Group and Specialty]
Ryan May
[State Account Service Executive]
Amit Parulekar
[Population Health Strategy Lead]
Yuliya Roberts MBA, PMP
[Enterprise Transformation Lead]
Gene Shields
[SVP, Government & Senior Products]
Mona Siddiqui MD
[Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Quality]
Tim Snyder
[Title Senior Vice President]
Jennifer Spear
[Senior Population Health Strategy Lead]
Praveen Thadani
[Head of Medicare Innovation]
Pattie Dale Tye
[Segment Vice President]
Marc Willard
[SVP - Digital Health & Analytics]
Joe Woods
[Chief Executive Officer of HumanaVitality]
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