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1 Fountain Sq
Chattanooga , TN   37402-1307   USA
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Business Focus:
Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI)
HIP: Disability Insurer
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Company Description:
Unum is one of the leading providers of employee benefits products and services in the United States and the United Kingdom. Through its subsidiaries, Unum provided more than $6 billion in total benefits to customers in 2007.
Company Ownership:

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
James W. Sabourin
[Vice President, Corporate Communications]
Brad Carmony
[Director, Employee & Corporate Communications]
Mary Clarke Guenther
[Director of Corporate Communications]
Kelly Spencer
[Media Contact]
Brian Baker
[Corporate Communications Manager]
Mary Fortune
[Manager, Corporate Communications]
Dawn McAbee
Seth Seymour
[Corporate Communications Consultant]
Jessica Stone
Investor Relations Contact(s)
Thomas A. H. White
[Senior Vice President, Investor Relations]
Rob Lockerman
[Investment Officer]

Company Officials:
Peter O'Donnell
Thomas R. Watjen
[President and Chief Executive Officer]
Robert O. Best
[Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer]
Ed Alvino
[Chief Medical Officer]
Robert C. Greving
[Retired EVP, Chief Financial Officer]
Rick McKenney
Joseph M. Zubretsky
[Sr. EVP, Finance, Investments, Corporate Development]
Steve Meahl
[Senior Vice President of Sales]
Glenn P. Felton
[Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel]
Lisa G. Iglesias
[Executive Vice President and General Counsel]
Bonnie A. Beveridge
[Former Legislative Systems Coordinator]
Puneet Bhasin
[Chief Information and Digital Officer]
Kathy Owen
[CIO and SVP of Global Services]
Sanjeev Sah
[Technology Capability Officer]
Scott Maker
[VP, Chief Government Affairs Officer]
Greg Breter
[Senior Vice President of Benefits]
Eileen Farrar
[Senior Vice President of Human Resources]
Kevin P. McCarthy
[President, Unum US]
Donna T. Mundy
[SVP Government Relations]
Tom O'Keefe
[Senior Market Manager]
Chris Pyne
[Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Management]
Michael Simonds
[Senior Vice President, Product Development and Marketing]
Thomas A. H. White
[Senior Vice President, Investor Relations]
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Company News/Coverage:
Unum Group appoints new chief information and digital officer
Cardiovascular issues remain leading cause of Unum disability and critical illness claims
Unum Dental available in all U.S. regions
Unum: Breast cancer claims rise, but survivors are spending less time out of work
Unum: Disability claims data shows good news for moms and babies
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