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Amerigroup Enhances 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans

Source AMERIGROUP Corporation
Published Date 10/1/2018
With addition of Everyday Extras, Amerigroup helps consumers improve their wellness by addressing key areas, such as nutrition, transportation, social isolation, and home safety

Amerigroup is committed to offering Medicare Advantage plans that provide high-quality medical care while also addressing other social and support needs that can impact good health. As part of this commitment, Amerigroup is expanding its 2019 Medicare Advantage offerings with the addition of Everyday Extras, a new package of benefits that provides wellness services including healthy food delivery, health-related transportation services, adult day centers visits to help reduce loneliness, personal home helpers to help with daily activities at home, and alternative medicine. The program will be offered to consumers enrolled in the following 2019 Medicare Advantage plans: Amerivantage Select (HMO) and Amerivantage Dual Secure (HMO SNP) in select counties. ...
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