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Change Healthcare
26 Century Blvd
Nashville , TN   37214   USA
Company Website:
Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
Internet / Web-based Developer
Claims Cost Management
Claims Processing
Clinical Information Systems
Fraud & Abuse Detection/Services
Subrogation / Overpayment Recovery
Connectivity / EDI Services
Payment Solutions
Revenue Cycle Management / Performance
Technology Consulting
Administrative Processes/Services
Medicare Health Plan
Company Description:
Change Healthcare is a leading provider of software and analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services that optimize communications, payments and actionable insights designed to enable smarter healthcare. By leveraging its Intelligent Healthcare Network™, which includes the single largest financial and administrative network in the United States healthcare system, payers, providers and pharmacies are able to increase revenue, improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more effectively manage complex workflows.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
John Hallock
[Vice President, External Communications]
Bob Meyer
[Vice President of Marketing (Chamberlin Edmonds)]
Robert Meyer
[Director of Marketing (Chamberlin Edmonds)]
Susanne Powell
[Director - Government Affairs]
Doreen Solomon
[Marketing and Tradeshow Coordination (MED3000)]
Shelley Wilgus
[Manager, Corporate Marketing (eRx Network)]
Frank Limpus
[Marketing and Communications Manager]
Eliza Mathias
[Business Development & External Affairs Manager (Goold Health Systems)]
Robyn Nentwig
[Internal Communications Manager]
Teresa Stubbs
[ (MedAvant/Capario)]
Amanda Woodhead
[Media Relations Manager]
Investor Relations Contact(s)
Emily Pietrzak
[ (MedAvant/Capario)]

Company Officials:
Doug Chisholm
[Chief Executive Officer (TC3 Health)]
Peter Fleming III.
[Chief Executive Officer (MedAvant/Capario)]
Patrick V. Hampson
[Chairman and CEO (MED3000)]
John B. Okkerse Jr. PhD
[Chief Executive Officer (MedAvant/Capario)]
Christopher Parks
[Co-Founder and CEO]
Michael Sandoval
[Chairman And CEO of Atigeo Llc]
James P. Brady
[Executive Chairman (Capario)]
James B. Hudak
[Chairman (MedAvant/Capario)]
Howard McLure
[Executive Chairman of the Board]
Erkan Akyuz
[EVP & President, Imaging, Workflow and Care Solutions]
George Bregante
[Founder (TC3 Health)]
Neil de Crescenzo
[President and Chief Executive Officer]
Douglas Ghertner
[Executive Vice President of Engagement Solutions]
Nancy Ham
[Former General Manager, Institutional and Connectivity Services]
Andrew Lawson
[President (MedAvant/Capario)]
Andrew Lawson
[President (Capario)]
Pat Leonard
[EVP & President, Technology-Enabled Services]
Rod O'Reilly
[EVP & President, Software and Analytics]
Jim Riley
[President (Capario)]
Kurt A. Anderson
[Senior Vice President - Business Development and Marketing (Equiclaim)]
Carl Smollinger
[Chief Operating Officer (MED3000)]
Linda Whitley-Taylor
[EVP & Chief People Officer]
Franklin Baumann
[Chief Medical Officer]
Paul McLeod MD
[Chief Medical Executive (MED3000)]
Jeffrey E. Flocken
[Executive Vice President of Accountable Care and Hospital Services (MED3000)]
Randy Giles
[Chief Financial Officer]
Gerard M. Hayden Jr.
[Former Chief Financial Officer (MedAvant/Capario)]
Megan Callahan
[SVP & Chief Strategy Officer]
Tommy Lewis
[SVP and Chief Marketing Officer]
James LoPresti
[VP - Sales Payer Services]
Jarrod Mandozzi
[Chief Sales Officer]
W. Thomas McEnery
[EVP/Chief Strategic Marketing Officer]
Frank Mottola
[Sales Executive]
Kirk Reid
[Executive Vice President (Chamberlin Edmonds)]
Ryan Smith
[SVP - Payer Sales & Client Management]
Pete Titas
[Sales Executive, Payment Integrity]
Jay Anders MD
[Chief Medical Information Officer (MED3000)]
Regina Brannock
[Director of Operations (MED3000)]
Alex Choy
[EVP, R&D/IT & Chief Information Officer]
Damien Creavin
[Chief Information Officer]
Mike Evans
[CWO (TC3 Health)]
Aaron Symanski
Stephen Ura
[Chief Technology Officer and SVP (MED3000)]
Kevin Barrett
[Executive Vice President]
Ulrich Brechbuhl
[Executive Vice President of Revenue Cycle Solutions]
Terry Cameron
[Senior Vice President - Payment Integrity Services]
David Cardelle RPh
[SVP, Operations - Payment Integrity Services]
Loretta Cecil
[EVP & General Counsel]
Pat Coughlin
[Chief Operating Officer – Payment Services]
Edward Day
[EVP, Corporate Development (TC3 Health)]
Tom Dean
[SVP - Financial Services]
Mike Denison
[Senior Director of Regulatory Programs]
Lisa DiSalvo
[Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development]
Ian Ellis
[Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing]
Scott Galbari
[GM - Care Operations]
John George
[Senior Vice President of Provider Sales]
Glenn Goodpaster
[Senior Vice President (MED3000)]
Franklin Hall
[Regional Sales Executive (MedAvant/Capario)]
Philip Hardin
[Executive Vice President - Provider Services]
Kris J. Joshi PhD
[Executive Vice President]
Julie Loftus Trudell
[Senior Vice President, Investor Relations]
Kevin Mahoney
[Executive Vice President of Pharmacy Services]
Tate McDaniel
[Senior Vice President - Engagement Solutions]
Chris Meffe
[Senior Vice President, Channel Partner Group]
A. Jacqueline Mitus MD
[General Manager and Senior Vice President of Decision Support]
Miriam Paramore
[Former Senior Vice President Of Corporate Strategy]
Mike Peresie
[Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing]
Ethan Prater
[SVP & General Manager, Consumer Engagement]
Lynn Stratton Haas
[Executive Vice President (MED3000)]
Marcy Tatsch
[SVP and General Manager, Reimbursement and Analytics Solutions]
Mark Vachon
[EVP, Sales and Operations]
Carolyn Wukitch
[Senior Vice President & General Manager, Network and Financial Management]
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