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HealthPartners, Inc.
Company Website:
Company Hierarchy
Subsidiary(s)/ Affiliate(s)

Business Focus:
HIP: Medicare Advantage Plan
Wellness Program Design/Development
Company Description:
HealthPartners is the largest consumer-governed, non-profit health care organization in the nation with commercial and Medicare Advantage plans that received the highest rating of "Excellent" from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
Company Ownership:
Consumer-governed, non-profit health care organization.

Company Contacts:
Media Contact(s)
Kristen Kaufmann
[(HB03-2020)Communications Consultant]
Jeff Shelman
[(HB03-2020)Communications Manager]
Amy Von Walter
[(HB03-2020)Director of Corporate Communications]
Ashley Burt
[Senior Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications]
Adam Bauer
Jeannine Befidi
[(HB03-2020)Director, Corporate Communications]
Jessica Flannigan
[(HB03-2020)Communications Specialist]
Megan Granger
[Communications Consultant]
Christopher B. Iles
[(HB03-2020)Senior Communications Specialist]
Patricia Lund
[Senior Communications Specialist]
Paul D. Moore
Liz Nicklos
[Senior Communications Consultant]
Emma Pederson
[Communications Consultant]
Kristen Pittenger
[(HB03-2020)Communications Consultant]
Anne Sandell
[Associate Communications Consultant]
Annelise Searle
[(HB03-2020)Communications Consultant]
Catherine Scott
[Senior Communications Consultant]
Andrea Ahneman
[(HB03-2020)Communications Intern]
Alecia Puppe
[(HB03-2020)Corporate Communications Intern]

Company Officials:
Don Lewis
[(HB03-2020)Chairman of the Board of Directors]
Ruth Mickelsen
[(HB03-2020)Board Chair]
Jennifer Myster
[(HB03-2020)President of Methodist Hospital]
Brock Nelson
[President and Chief Executive Officer, Regions Hospital]
Debra Rudquist
[(HB03-2020)Amery Hospital & Clinic CEO]
James Eppel
[(HB03-2020)Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer]
Patrick Courneya
[Chief Health Plan Medical Officer]
Cara Hull
[Chief Quality Officer]
Jerome Siy
[Chief of Hospital Medicine]
Josh Zimmerman MD
[Senior Medical Director for Behavioral Health]
Babette Apland MS, MBA
[Senior Vice President - Health and Care Management]
Beth Averbeck MD
[Associate Medical Director Primary Care]
Steven Connelly
[Co-Executive Medical Director]
Susan Cooper RPh, MPH
[Director, Pharmacy Services]
Annie Danielson
[(HB03-2020)Clinical Pharmacist - Medication Optimization Program]
Andrew Dorwart
[(HB03-2020)St. Croix Valley Medical Director]
Charles J. Fazio MD
[Health Plan Medical Director]
Mike Haag
[Director of Pharmacy Operations]
Beth Heinz MSW, LICSW
[(HB03-2020)Chief Quality Officer]
George J. Isham MD
[Medical Director and Chief Health Officer]
Virginia Kakacek
[(HB03-2020)Associate Medical Director]
Burke Kealey MD
[Associate Medical Director]
Thomas E. Kottke MD, MSPH
[Medical Director - Well-Being]
Karen Lloyd PhD, LPC-S, NCC
[Senior Director for Behavioral Health]
Thomas Marr
[(HB03-2020)Medical Director]
Peter Marshall PharmD, RPh
Leann McDowell
[Clinical Pharmacy Program Coordinator]
Michael McGrail
[(HB03-2020)Vice President and Medical Director]
Brian H. Rank MD
[Co-Executive Medical Director]
Kevin Ronneberg MD
[VP Health Initiatives - Associate Medical Director]
Mark Sannes
[(HB03-2020)Senior Medical Director, Specialty Services]
Michael Trangle
[(HB03-2020)Associate Medical Director of the Behavioral Health Division]
Vyvy Vo PharmD
[(HB03-2020)Clinical Pharmacy Program Manager]
Arthur Wineman MD
[(HB03-2020)Regional Medical Director & Dept Head of Family Me]
Andrew Zinkel
[Medical Director for Quality]
Sharilyn Campbell
[Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer]
Kathy Cooney
[Chief Financial Officer]
Dave Dziuk
[Chief Financial Officer]
Todd Hofheins
[(HB03-2020)Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer]
Andrea M. Walsh
[Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer]
Barbara Tretheway
[Senior Vice President and General Counsel]
Claire Zajac
[(HB03-2020)Senior Health Plan Counsel]
Scott A. Aebischer
[Senior Vice President - Customer Service and Product Innovation]
Charles J. Abrahamson
[Vice President - Network Management and Provider Relations]
Martin Michael
[Senior Director - Network Management]
Alan Abramson PhD
[Senior VP, Chief Information Officer]
Anahita Cameron
[(HB03-2020)Chief Human Resources Officer]
Shawna Fronk
[Manager of Marketing and Communications]
Kristen Kaufmann
[(HB03-2020)Communications Consultant]
Jeff Shelman
[(HB03-2020)Communications Manager]
Amy Von Walter
[(HB03-2020)Director of Corporate Communications]
Calvin Allen MBA
[Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Human Resources]
Larin Anderson
[(HB03-2020)Senior Director]
Sandy Andreini
[Associate Counsel]
Jeanette Augustson
[Executive Director of Operations]
Robert Cumming
[(HB03-2020)HB-SVP Actuarial & Underwriting]
Sue Knudson
[(HB03-2020)Senior Vice President, Health Informatics]
Michelle Mangan
[(HB03-2020)Executive Director]
Karen Margolis MD, MPH
[(HB03-2020)Executive Director, Research]
Patricia Nowak
[Communications Specialist]
Carl A. Patow MD, MPH
[VP & Executive Director - Institute for Medical Education]
Donna J. Zimmerman RN, MPH
[Senior Vice President - Government & Community Relations]
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ACHP Blog: Community Health Plans - Helping Coordinate a Safe Re-Opening
New HealthPartners solution helps businesses return to work safely during COVID-19
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